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plastique-brolly-logoat the Urban Arts Gallery

Friday, April 18, 2014

From 6 - 9 pm in conjunction with Gallery Stroll

Plastique exhibit runs from April 7 - May 3


Plastique brings to light the wonderful horrible nature of plastic.  It is resilient and it lasts.  That's the beauty and the destructive nature of plastic particularly single use plastic such as plastic bags.  Plastique, a multi-disciplinary project with community outreach components will create high quality art form plastic to engage our community and increase awareness around this vital environmental issue of plastic, its use, misuse and lasting impact.  Performance and installation comprise the project.  Installation pieces will be made by community members from schools and community organizations during the outreach projects.


Past Programming



June 21, 2013
Located at Art Access, 230 South 500 West #125
5:30 pm - 9:00 pm

Human Rights violations occur globally in all forms and factions. 
Locally we experience many forms of discrimination. Awareness and 
knowledge are the first steps in bringing about social change. 
With this in mind, Brolly Arts, in partnership with Art Access, 
are working with a variety of artists and arts organizations to 
create and present Justice For Some?. This multi-disciplinary 
project focuses on issues of bullying, gender, protest and discrimination.


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Inland/Outland Utah


Inland/Outland Utah

A photographic and musical journey through Utah's Landscape.


In 2012, Svavar Jonatansson started his most recent project in Utah.  With two 12 day trips in April and January, he set out to photograph the varied landscape of the state, traveling through the arid Salt Flats to the majestic cliffs of the South.  With research through Google Earth during dark winter days in Iceland, he chose 4 main locations:  The Salt Flats, Arches National Park, Capitol Reef and a 6 mile cliff face on the border of Arizona.
Each trip consisted of 3000 miles driven, and tens of thousands of photographs taken.  Working with the Utah School of Music, Utah Composers Devin Maxwell and Matthew Durant are creating new works for the photographic premier.

Recent Project

Building Over Barriers

Bridge Over Barriers

Phase II completed September 2011

a public art project that strengthens community, reaches underserved populations, and results in a cultural treasure for Salt Lake City

This long-term art project began in 2005 as part of an ongoing neighborhood beautification, community building and revitalization effort of Salt Lake City's west side.

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